Zimmel Associates proudly announces its instrumental role in orchestrating the lease of 16,300 square feet at 14 Cliffwood Avenue, a distinguished office building nestled in the heart of Matawan, New Jersey.

Zimmel Associates has handled the building since it was constructed in 2008. The 48,000 square foot building found new ownership approximately nine months ago under the helm of Laser Focus Holdings, led by principal Caesar Della Cruz. The building was sold for $7.5 million to Laser Focus Holdings. This transition marked the dawn of a new chapter, brimming with opportunities and innovative prospects. Prior to that sale, Zimmel sold the building to Methfessel & Werbel in 2017 while Zimmel remained the exclusive broker through the sale to Laser Focus Holdings and currently handles all of the leasing.

The property now offers approximately 16,300 square feet of available space spread across two floors, including a 9,200 square foot unit, complemented by an adjacent 2,900 square foot space, and an additional 4,200 square feet situated on the second floor.

“14 Cliffwood Avenue stands out as the premier choice for businesses seeking an environment primed for growth,” stated David Zimmel, President of Zimmel Associates. “Recognizing Alliance Health System’s expertise in providing practice management and administrative support services to individual physicians, group practices, and hospitals, we identified them as ideal tenants. With a statewide network, their move from Morganville, New Jersey to a more accessible Matawan location aligns perfectly with their corporate objectives.”

Upon introducing Alliance Health System to 14 Cliffwood Avenue, David Zimmel immediately captured their interest. Occupying all remaining vacant units within the building, coupled with the potential for future expansion, resonated strongly with Alliance Health System. Particularly appealing was the opportunity to prominently display their signage on the building’s facade. Moreover, the property’s proximity to the Garden State Parkway at exit 120 significantly enhances accessibility for both clients and employees—a key factor in their decision-making process.

The leasing process progressed rapidly, culminating in a finalized and signed deal within a swift 30-day period. Representing Alliance Health System throughout the negotiations were Nicolas Bufano, Chief Executive Officer, and Rayna Wolfman, Chief Operating Officer.

Selecting a long-term lease agreement, Alliance Health System maintains the flexibility to potentially acquire the building in the near future, perfectly harmonizing with their strategic goals and future aspirations. The corner unit they now occupy offers excellent window exposure, requiring minimal adjustments for their seamless transition. This mutually beneficial arrangement marks a win-win scenario for both tenant and owner, culminating in the full occupancy of the building.


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