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Bernard Zimmel

In Memorium (1928-2014)
Co-Founder and Chairman of Zimmel Associates, 1986-2014

Bernard Zimmel began his real estate career in 1953 after serving in the Korean War. Newly wed and recently discharged from the United States Army Signal Corps, he obtained a sales position with Blau Berg. Through dedication and a strong desire to do well, he became a successful broker with clients in New York and New Jersey. He co-founded Zimmel Associates in 1986 with his son and partner, David Zimmel, president, Zimmel Associates.

A true innovator, Bernard Zimmel was the first proponent of the flex space concept, which changed the face of commercial and industrial space in the state of New Jersey. His client list was a Who’s Who in New Jersey Business.
After serving the corporate real estate industry for more than five decades, Bernard Zimmel’s vast knowledge of the industry, the ebb and flow of real estate cycles, and the art of negotiation will be missed by his business associates and friends. His expertise and insight played a critical role in building one of the New Jersey’s most successful brokerage firms.

David Zimmel, says, “My father set the course for the way we do business here. He taught me about fair treatment, consideration, honesty, hard work and responsibility. These are qualities that continue to be the underpinning of Zimmel Associates’ success. He always said that our firm is built on long-term relationships. That is true, and it is an attribute that serves our firm and clients well. He will be sadly missed for his integrity, strength of character, dedication and love for his entire family and many friends.”

“We are devoted to our client base. We put their minds at ease because they know we are going to do what they ask us to do. Being fair and bringing the things we know to look for to their attention—and this goes for both owners and tenants, has cultivated a reputation and track record we can be proud of.”
Bernard Zimmel as quoted in 2014

An Established Authority on
New Jersey Real Estate